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Super Mario Party (Nintendo Switch)

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Last updated on June 30, 2022 8:09 am
  • Super Mario Party brings back the fan favourite original board game gameplay which brings more dynamism to each turn
  • 80+ brand-new mini-games using one Joy-Con and 20+ playable characters are included
  • For the first time on a console Mario Party game, it’s playable anywhere with anyone by immediately sharing the second Joy-Con: A local wireless mode is available up to two consoles (two players max on each)
  • The game features lots of game modes such as Mario Party, partner party, sound stage, river survival, challenge road, free play and the online mariothon
  • Compatible with Nintendo switch only

Specification: Super Mario Party (Nintendo Switch)

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer No
Rated To Be Announced
Language Italian, English
Product Dimensions ,
Release date 5 Oct. 2018
Date First Available 4 Oct. 2018
Item model number
Country of origin Japan
Store amazon.co.uk

4 reviews for Super Mario Party (Nintendo Switch)

4.5 out of 5
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  1. D. Frame

    It’s worth noting that this is the first Mario party game I have owned, so from that perspective, here are my thoughts.

    I was apprehensive at first as there are only 4 boards and you have to unlock one of them, but this wasn’t a big deal as the extra modes were where I spent most of my time and playing on the other boards unlocked the fourth one naturally.

    The main party mode is excellent with the dice block mechanic adding a nice amount of strategy to the chaos. Items, board elements and star placement keep the game interesting throughout the 60 minute duration for 10 turns – I would recommend sticking to 10 turns as any more than that would get a bit boring for most people.

    River survival is a great break from the competition as it’s a cooperative mode, the river itself has a lot of variety in its layout and although there are only 10 minigames, they only repeat near the end and only if you make it that far – It doesn’t get too repetitive unless you play it multiple times in a row.

    Soundstage is a very funny mode akin to guitar hero or rhythm paradise, the motion controls are accurate and almost make you dance to the music! I would recommend trying a remix for a good challenge (or added hilarity). This only has 10 minigames too, but they are mixed up by changing the speed, which makes a big difference in a rhythm game.

    Partner party is a great twist on the board game format with teams of two people who can plan their moves at the same time. It’s a great way to mix up the gameplay, though the random elements can interfere a bit too much at times. In my experience, it gave everyone a chance to make a comeback, and seeing the player in the lead getting overtaken was often amusing.

    There are some other modes too, Toad’s rec room includes some crazy dual-switch games that are incredible tech demos. Unfortunately I couldn’t use this as I don’t have access to another switch or another copy of the game.

    The real star of this game though are the minigames, they are very varied and make full use of the joycon controllers with motion, hd rumble, button control and controller orientation creating a lot of unique situations. Unfortunately, pro controllers and handheld mode are not supported for this reason; this is a TV and tabletop mode game only.

    Mariothon and square off let you play through sets of minigames if you want to get straight into the action without a board, they’re great for quick games too. There is also a mode to play any minigames you want, which is a nice addition.

    I did not try online or solo, though I cannot imagine it being nearly as fun as local play – I can confidently say that this is not a game to buy if you don’t want to play locally with friends.

    In conclusion, this is easily one of the best party games on switch, up there with smash, ultimate chicken horse and overcooked 2. The sheer variety of game modes and minigames makes this fun for a good few hours on each game night and by the time we bring it out again a week or two later, the minigames are fresh again. Highly recommended.

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  2. 007

    Reading or viewing any reviews where they claim to know their stuff and compare with a heavy bias towards a prior version of this game will keep you on the fence. So many so called pro reviewers let them selves down by simply not being able to judge a game on its own merits and not pitted against another. Move on and get over it, this game is absolutely outstanding in everyway, I am so please I watched, read and then discarded numerous pointless opinions that where there purely for the pursuit of profit and not solid impartial reviewing. Game arrived today and spent a solid 8 hrs with my kids all ranging from 3 to 18 and not one of us had played a previous version but have been absolutely loving this release. Sometimes not knowing is a blessing. This game has so much to offer and the ability to play minigames without playing another main paths is such a plus but that does not mean in anyway the boardgame, rapids or any of the others are not a laugh worth having with your family or friends. If you love Nintendo/Mario games then I have no doubt you will enjoy this one, I’m 42 so been there with Nintendo from the start and yes there have been some hits and some misses but this game is worth your time!

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  3. AuthorMattShaw

    This is a great game if you have friends (clue is in the title “PARTY”). It works with three people and you can have a good laugh but I haven’t found an option to turn the computer player off which is frustrating as we don’t really want to wait for them to take a turn and – in the mini-games – it goes one of two ways: You either trash the other team or the computer player is so thick you literally can’t move. The main part of the game is obviously the board game which is good but the way of winning is to get as many stars as you can. All well and good but there are too many ways for you to steal stars off one another and it’s not a game of skill anymore – it’s who gets to the first block first. Again, pretty much like other Mario Party games there is the hand-out of stars at the end (worst player, who won the most games, worst luck). The hand-out seems different each time, from the handle of times I have played it, which is nice. There are other side games you can play with your friends too – I’ve not done them all but the White Water Rafting is a great laugh…. Head on down “rowing” your boat as a team and then do team mini-games together. We’re in our thirties to early forties and had a riot playing this.

    What frustrates me with Mario games though is the price tag. Soon as it says “Mario” in the title, we are seemingly charged about an extra tenner.

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  4. Matt

    Very active game! Great fun for HOURS!! Once you start winning games and get the hang of it does become quite easy…. but it is a kids game. No where near as hard as it was growing up or like lion king on SEGA.
    But we had great fun playing and haven’t been beaten by the kids… yet

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