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Luigi’s Mansion 3 Standard Edition – Nintendo Switch

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Last updated on June 19, 2022 6:15 pm
  • He may still be cowardly, but Luigi has more tools and abilities at his disposal than ever before. Master Luigi’s new powerful moves of Slam, Suction Shot and Burst
  • Team up with Professor E. Gadd’s latest invention, Gooigi, an all-green doppelganger able to slip through tight spaces, walk on spikes, and otherwise help Luigi overcome obstacles he can’t get past alone
  • Interchange between Luigi and Gooigi as one player, or grab a friend and control one each at the same time
  • Explore the Last Resort, ascending through its differently themed doors full of quirky contraptions and haunting enemies
  • Race the timer with up to 8 players to clear objectives on a series of doors in the ScareScraper

Specification: Luigi’s Mansion 3 Standard Edition – Nintendo Switch

Rated Ages 7 and Over
Product Dimensions ,
Release date 31 Oct. 2019
Date First Available 1 Feb. 2021
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Country of origin Japan
Store amazon.co.uk

7 reviews for Luigi’s Mansion 3 Standard Edition – Nintendo Switch

4.1 out of 5
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  1. Amazon Customer

    I’m around 5 hours in, I’ll keep this concise before I’ve completed LM3.

    The game is packed with secrets, a great intro (Reminiscent of SM Sunshine) and excellent animations. Most of the challenge is in the puzzles, one of which were problematic due to inconsistent collisions, however so far they’re been enjoyable and relatively simple.

    There’s few moments of actual fear, which Luigi’s Mansion had many of, and the world building is sub-par. However the graphics, framerate and lighting are superb.

    There seems to be little value to coins, this affecting personal investment. This game would be perfect for kids or fans of the series. The difficulty is very low, however as prior stated, it’s the atmosphere and puzzles that are the high points.

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  2. Amazon Customer

    Great game for recipient however extremely disappointed in the condition of it received (with this being a gift)…

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  3. Luke

    The attention to detail in this game is stunning as are the visuals. You can tell that people who worked on this game absolutely love this property. The controls and fixed camera take some time to get used to, but they do not hinder the gameplay in any way.

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  4. Ludwig von Schinken

    Brilliant game, full of charm and atmosphere. Luigi and the world are so well animated it’s like watching a cartoon.

    Puzzles are a little on the easy side but it’s great fun to play and easy to jump in and out of.

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  5. Sergey Ivaschuck

    Firstly, I’m not a big online player, I prefer experiences to be based around a built world and getting lost in it.

    Let’s get the good stuff out of the way – it’s stunning to look at. The graphics, resolution, effects and animations are pixar worthy. The character models and animations are truly cinematic, and I was amazed to find out that the cutscenes are all rendered. I was convinced that it was video, due to some artefacts, but this is a result of the AA being used.
    The gameplay is engrossing, unique and they’ve really thought up of almost anything possible to do with a vacuum cleaner and the physics is excellent, making random mundane hoovering up of crap all over the place enjoyable in itself.
    I love the style of the game, the layout, it’s more of a diorama I feel than Link’s awakening, and has a solid experience throughout. There’s no frame drops or random stuttering, it’s silky smooth and optimised beautifully.
    The characters, bosses, enemies are all very interesting and well thought out. And the plot is surprisingly more interesting with a few minor twists that you wouldn’t expect.
    Some of the physics – sand for example – is incredibly well done and you’ll find yourself doing mundane things and getting enjoyment from it.

    On to the negative, and whilst it was fun, I was done with it in just over a week.
    The bosses can be beaten on the first time (excepting the final), and whilst they’re very funny and had me chuckling, I’d see no reason to go back and beat them again.
    Collectibles serve VERY little purpose. I decided to check a video to see if it was worthwhile, and am glad I did. I’d have been MASSIVELY disappointed in the rewards for doing everything.
    While the physics of hoovering and playing with the environment is fun, it got a little repetitive for me towards the end, and I remember sighing and thinking and feeling that I just could not be arsed to keep sucking things up. The mechanics here are as good as they possibly could be, but there’s only so many times I can get a buzz from sucking something up.
    The enemies outside of bosses are not as varied as I’d like, and the system for catching them has been greatly simplified since the first GC mansion back in the day. I personally preferred that method, but Nintendo always wants as broad an appeal as possible…
    I literally cannot see a reason to go back to it now that I’ve finished it.

    But it was great fun while it lasted, I just wish there was more of a reward for getting everything.

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    Luigis Mansion 3 isn’t actually set in a Mansion, but rather a Hotel, but this doesn’t detract from the game, but rather improves upon it. Visually the game is stunning with impressive lighting effects and intricate background detail. The characters, ghosts and Luigi himself also look great. The game oozes with humorous spooky atmosphere and the puzzles are fun without being frustrating. All this makes for a fantastic game in a great franchise, but Nintendo went one step further by adding in gooigi who helps with puzzle solving and makes Luigis mansion just that extra bit special

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  7. Alexander V.

    Luigi is back for an all new adventure as Luigi, Mario, peach and Toad all get invited to a luxurious yet mysterious hotel which of course sounds to good to be true! It turns out is all overun by GHOSTS! All of Luigi’s friends get captured and it is up to you to free them!
    First things first the game is acceptional, from the graphics right through to the gripping story telling and hilarious cutscenes once again Nintendo have done it!!
    If you have not yet played Luigi’s mansion 1 or 2 there is a small amount of back story but nothing that will stop you from enjoying Luigi’s mansion 3 although if you haven’t played 1 or 2 I suggest you do as they are fantastic games and If you have played them then you will feel right at home with this game, anyway where was I?
    Oh yes Luigi and his quest to save Mario and his friends! This time set in a huge mansion! With plenty of collectables and ghosts to catch in a way very similar to ghost busters sucking them up in to Luigi’s secret weapon the poltergust! (A hover).
    The game offers many puzzles to solve and we’ll crafted boss fights throughout and I never felt myself get bored of the formula as the game kept giving me new things to do or adding new mechanics to the game such as a goi friend called gooigi! This will explain itself to you when you play the game without spoiling anything.
    This is by far one of the most gripping and exciting games I have played this year and it’s very easy to pick up and play for those who would like a nice story, puzzle and entertaining experience.
    I highly recommend you pick this game up as it is made for any age group, I wouldn’t say the game is scary but highly entertaining. Welldone Luigi you done it again!! In the best Luigi’s mansion title yet!!

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